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Biden Requests Congressional Support for Israel and Ukraine

President Biden is seeking congressional funding to assist both Israel and Ukraine, according to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. The requests for aid have not yet been outlined in terms of form or packaging, but the White House Office of Management and Budget will draft the official request. The Biden administration is clear that the request will include funding for support to Israel as well as a renewal of aid to Ukraine. However, House Republicans have expressed opposition to providing more aid to Ukraine, raising questions about the plan or goal for the ongoing conflict with Russia. On the other hand, lawmakers have generally been more receptive to providing aid to Israel.

Biden is specifically requesting an additional $24 billion for Ukraine as it continues to face aggression from Russia. However, the request has been stalled as Congress passed a stopgap bill to fund the government for 45 days without attaching the aid. The situation was further complicated by the weekend attack on Israel by Palestinian militants in Hamas. Republican Senator Josh Hawley suggested that support for Israel should be prioritized over the conflict in Europe, stating, “Israel is facing an existential threat. Any funding for Ukraine should be redirected to Israel immediately.” Despite this, Biden has emphasized his commitment to funding both partners, Ukraine and Israel.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy echoed the call for Congress to take action and provide support to these overseas partners. He urged Congress to approve support for Ukraine, get aid to Israel, and confirm national security nominees. The Biden administration remains firm in their commitment to seeking congressional support for Israel and Ukraine.

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