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Pro-Palestinian Activists Condemn US for Alleged Double Standards, Doubt Authenticity of Gruesome Photos

Hundreds of demonstrators supporting the Palestinian cause marched near the White House on Saturday, accusing the United States of hypocrisy in the Middle East. They also expressed doubts about the authenticity of gruesome photos depicting Hamas’ attack on Israel.

The Palestinian supporters waved flags, carried signs condemning Israel’s actions as a “war crime,” and chanted slogans against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Demonstrators marched across Lafayette Park, situated directly across from the White House.

Similar protests took place in various cities across the country and around the world, following Hamas’ surprise attack in Israel, which has sparked the worst conflict in the region since 1973. Protests were held in New York, Pittsburgh, Portland, Los Angeles, and other locations.

In Washington, the demonstration remained mostly peaceful, with some protesters even praying in the street. However, some protesters questioned the veracity of graphic images shared by the Israeli government following the Hamas attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a disturbing photo of a bloodied child’s bed, stating that “Hamas is worse than ISIS.” The US government also released graphic images of dead children and civilians, attributing their deaths to Hamas. However, some protesters expressed doubts about the authenticity of these photos and suggested that they were released to garner support for Israel’s response to Hamas.

Abdel Rahman, an Egyptian resident of Harrisonburg, Virginia, voiced his skepticism about the news reporting and dismissed the photos as exaggerated. He pointed out the death of 70 people, mostly women and children, in a recent Israeli airstrike.

Osama Avuceineh, a Palestinian living in Laurel, Maryland, also raised questions about the authenticity of the photos, stating that he had not seen any evidence confirming their accuracy.

The protesters directed their criticism towards both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden. They accused President Biden of double standards for not condemning Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip while openly expressing support for the Jewish state.

Many protesters labeled this as hypocrisy and emphasized that Israel’s actions constitute a violation of human rights, depriving people of basic necessities such as water, food, and electricity.

Overall, the protesters were passionate in their fight against colonization and expressed solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

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