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The Federal Government is Concerned About the Disruptive Effects of ‘Deepfakes’

Globeblognews Lawmakers are worried about the potential harmful effects of “deepfakes”, which are created with artificial intelligence and can be used to deceive, commit fraud, and pose national security risks.

“Deepfakes” refer to audio, images, and video that have been manipulated and generated by AI to appear realistic.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee recently discussed the potential problems that could arise from the spread of deepfakes and how to prevent them from disrupting people’s lives.

Rep. Nancy Mace, South Carolina Republican, gave examples of the dangers of deepfakes, citing instances where AI-generated clips circulated on social media, only to be proven inauthentic.

Ms. Mace emphasized the need for laws to prevent the blurry line between fact and fiction, without necessarily banning all synthetic videos that some might find offensive and uncomfortable.

President Biden signed an AI executive order last month in an effort to mitigate the potential dangers of AI technology, after seeking advice from former President Barack Obama, who shares concerns about deepfakes.

Mr. Obama believes that while society should tolerate deepfakes that parody politicians, new rules are needed to stop individuals from using the technology to intimidate others, especially children.

However, defining clear rules for what constitutes satire and political commentary versus cyberbullying can be challenging, as humor and disinformation can be subjective.

The American Association of Political Consultants has spoken out against the use of AI deepfake technology, adopting a policy prohibiting its usage as contrary to its ethical code.

While professional activists and campaign staffers may comply with industry standards, it is unlikely that online trolls will follow suit, particularly as the 2024 election season approaches.

Congress is considering multiple proposals for regulating new AI tools, with the Senate Rules Committee focusing on the potential impact of AI on elections and playing a crucial role in shaping future AI legislation related to upcoming contests.

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