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Germany’s Poor Performance in 2020 Culminates in Defeat to Austria Ahead of Euro 2024 Hosting

DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) — Germany was hoping for a rebuilding year ahead of hosting the European Championship, but the team’s recent defeat to Austria indicates otherwise.

In a crucial match, Leroy Sané’s ejection for pushing an opponent during Tuesday’s 2-0 loss to Austria highlighted the team’s frustration and disappointment.

This friendly match exposed the low morale within the four-time World Cup winner Germany.

Germany’s lack of “positive energy” and performance concerns were voiced by captain Ilkay Gündogan in an interview with broadcaster ZDF.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann’s attacking lineup failed to produce results, as the team struggled to create opportunities and counter Austrian attacks led by forward Michael Gregoritsch.

Germany’s poor performance in 2023 involves six losses out of 11 games played, raising worries among fans about the team’s future prospects.

The team’s inconsistent results have left supporters puzzled, as Germany has suffered defeats at home and away, under different coaches and with varying player lineups.

Despite efforts to integrate younger players and a shift to an older team, Germany has struggled to find success on major stages.

Germany’s performance has prompted ongoing changes, including the recruitment of 45 different players in the past year, with limited success in identifying impactful new talents.

While the team’s recent track record is concerning, there have been moments of resurgence, such as the unexpected victory over World Cup runner-up France in September 2023.

Germany’s next match in March presents an opportunity for the team to regroup and approach the upcoming European Championship in 2024 with a renewed mindset.

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