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China’s Military Developing AI Weapons and Systems for Warfighting and Regime Change

China’s military is working on artificial intelligence (AI) weapons and systems to enhance the capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in warfare. The Communist Party-led government in Beijing aims to make the PLA the first military force in the world to employ AI-powered systems in combat. Recent reports have revealed that the PLA is actively developing AI systems, similar to ChatGPT, which can generate human-like responses based on AI-generated content. These AI weapons-related systems are being built in areas such as human-machine interaction, rapid decision-making, network warfare, cognitive warfare, wartime logistics, space operations, and military training. The PLA views AI technology as a major force multiplier and plans to integrate ChatGPT-like programs into unmanned combat systems to collect information and plan attacks. Furthermore, the PLA is researching AI-powered command and control systems, cyberattacks, and cognitive warfare. Although the PLA is cautious about using AI in combat due to concerns about control and trust issues, it recognizes the potential of AI to revolutionize warfighting.

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