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Israeli Security Minister from Far-right Blasts Supermodel Bella Hadid for Her Criticism of Him

TEL AVIV, Israel — Israel’s national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, from the far-right, publicly criticized supermodel Bella Hadid for her recent comments about Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Ben-Gvir argued that his right to freedom of movement as a Jewish settler outweighs the same right for Palestinians.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 12, Ben-Gvir stated, “My right, the right of my wife and my children to move around Judea and Samaria, is more important than freedom of movement for the Arabs. The right to life comes before freedom of movement.”

His remarks drew widespread criticism, with many accusing Israel of promoting an apartheid-like system. Critics also posted videos of Israeli violence against Palestinians alongside the catchphrase “Sorry, Mohammad,” which Ben-Gvir used in his interview.

Bella Hadid, whose father is Palestinian, shared an excerpt from Ben-Gvir’s interview on her Instagram, expressing her disapproval. She wrote, “In no place, no time, especially in 2023, should one life be more valuable than another’s. Especially simply because of their ethnicity, culture or pure hatred.” She also shared a video from Israeli rights group B’Tselem, highlighting Israeli soldiers preventing Palestinians from walking on certain streets designated for Jews only.

Responding to Hadid’s post, Ben-Gvir invited her to visit Kiryat Arba, where he lives, to witness the daily life of Jews who face attacks. He defended his original statement, stating that the right of Jews to travel safely in Judea and Samaria outweighs the rights of terrorists who attack them.

It is worth noting that Ben-Gvir has a history of inciting racism and supporting a terrorist organization. He gained significant power as the national security minister overseeing the Israeli police force in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

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