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Israel’s Air Defense System Successfully Intercepts Target in Real-Life Scenario

Israel’s high-tech air defense system achieved its first interception by destroying an enemy missile that was reportedly targeting Eilat, a southern Israeli city near Jordan.

The Israel Defense Forces announced that their latest Arrow 3 missile defense system effectively thwarted a target launched towards Israel in the Red Sea region.

Officials from the IDF stated that this marks the first operational interception by the Arrow 3 system since its deployment in 2017. They highlighted it as one of the most advanced air and missile defense systems globally.

Amidst ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for firing the missile intercepted by the Arrow 3 system. 

Yahya Sare’e, a Houthi spokesman, stated on social media, “Our forces continue to carry out their military operations in solidarity [with the Palestinians] and until the Israeli aggression against our brothers in Gaza stops.”

The joint Israel/US Arrow 3 system plays a crucial role in Israel’s multilayered air defense. It is specifically designed to intercept exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles, operating at the lowest levels of space just outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

In addition, the IDF also celebrated the recent successful operational interception carried out by the Arrow 2 system.

Israel’s air defense system consists of other layers including “David’s Sling,” capable of handling large-caliber rockets and short-range ballistic missiles, and the renowned Iron Dome system, which defends against short-range rockets and drones.

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