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Sacramento Sheriff Criticizes Target and Walgreens for Limiting Police Efforts to Curb Retail Theft

Sacramento County’s sheriff expressed frustration with Target and Walgreens for impeding recent retail theft stings. The sheriff, Jim Cooper, stated that company executives either declined to cooperate or prevented police from making in-store arrests.

Cooper shared his concerns on social media, mentioning that store employees had notified the sheriff’s office about recurrent incidents of shoplifting, mainly involving homeless offenders.

Law enforcement collaborated with the store employees to devise plans for cracking down on retail theft at specific Target and Walgreens stores. However, Sheriff Cooper alleged that corporate and regional executives thwarted their efforts.

Cooper revealed that Target had prohibited deputies from arresting shoplifters in the store and from handcuffing suspects on the premises. Additionally, the company requested that any arrests be carried out outside the store, even in adverse weather conditions.

The sheriff reported an incident in which deputies witnessed a woman stealing multiple body wash bottles, concealing them in her personal shopping bag, and subsequently returning the items for a refund at the customer service section.

Regarding Walgreens, the sheriff stated that the pharmacy chain’s corporate office obstructed cooperation with deputies, rendering it impossible for law enforcement to conduct operations at a particular Walgreens store.

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