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F1 Brings the Excitement to Las Vegas with Music, Celebrities, and a High-Speed Race

Formula 1 driver Alex Albon had his mind on more than just racing as he prepared for the Las Vegas street circuit. Despite turning 500 laps on a simulator to familiarize himself with the track, he couldn’t shake off thoughts of his golf game.

Albon, along with three other F1 drivers, took part in “The Netflix Cup,” a televised golf match that marked the beginning of a week filled with parties and concerts leading up to Saturday night’s race along the Las Vegas Strip.

Justin Thomas and Carlos Sainz of Ferrari triumphed in the golf match, with Sainz showcasing his golfing talent. His victory was celebrated with champagne and checkered flag winner’s jackets, despite accidentally breaking the trophy in the process.

Notably, the upcoming race in Las Vegas promises a unique experience for both fans and drivers, with various activities and attractions planned around the city to cater to the F1 community.

Several venues in Las Vegas are hosting F1-themed events, from a “Shoey Bar” at the Bellagio to a celebrity stylist offering the Valtteri Bottas haircut at the Aria. Additionally, pop-up boutiques, special dinners, and other exclusive experiences are available throughout the city.

The high-energy atmosphere in Las Vegas is unlike anything the drivers have experienced in the world of Formula 1, offering a vibrant and bustling backdrop for the upcoming race.

Beyond the city’s attractions, The Sphere, a massive structure with a bright exterior LED screen, will play a prominent role during the race, featuring exclusive content created specifically for the event.

The cultural and entertainment scene of Las Vegas, combined with the electrifying F1 race, promises an unforgettable weekend for fans and participants alike.

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