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Satan and Jesus Invite Customers to Ask Questions and Interact on Bible Topics with AI

“Text With Jesus,” a software program that allows users to chat with an artificial intelligence-generated Jesus Christ, is not meant to replace the Bible, according to its creator.

Stéphane Peter, president and CEO of Catloaf Software in Los Angeles, was inspired to develop the project after a friend suggested a “Text From Jesus” app that would deliver daily Bible verses via text message.

Despite the global attention the “Text With Jesus” software has received, only 10% to 15% of its 6,000 active users pay the $3.99 monthly fee to access additional Bible characters, including “AI Satan.”

Users can ask questions and receive specific answers from the “Text With Jesus” program. When asked about the presence of suffering in the world, AI Jesus provided a response based on Scripture.

While the software aims to cover a range of Christian beliefs and denominations with its answers, it does not offer new interpretations but rather attempts to provide honest responses from a biblical standpoint.

As the creator of the software, Stéphane Peter, does not actively practice the Christian faith, he finds the program fascinating as a way for users to interact with biblical characters, including lesser-known ones.

The addition of the “AI Satan” character has stirred strong reactions from some Christians, but according to Mr. Peter, all the characters are instructed to “stick to the Bible as accurately as possible.”

The emergence of a Jesus-themed “chatbot” reflects a spiritual hunger for truth, according to Donald Sweeting, chancellor of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado.

However, Mr. Sweeting also suggests that seekers should go directly to the Word of God for spiritual guidance, as some of these other platforms may not provide the depth of understanding and satisfaction that comes from engaging with Scripture.

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