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President Trump Criticizes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for Being an ‘Absentee Governor’

Former President Donald Trump criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, accusing him of being an “absentee governor” due to his frequent campaigning for president in Iowa.

Mr. Trump expressed his disapproval of DeSantis’ absence from Florida, stating that he should focus on addressing issues within the state rather than pursuing a presidential campaign. He urged DeSantis to return to Florida and fulfill his gubernatorial responsibilities, particularly emphasizing the need to address the state’s high insurance costs.

DeSantis has been actively participating in presidential campaign efforts in Iowa and is set to wrap up his tour of all 99 counties in the state this Saturday.

The criticism from Trump stemmed from DeSantis’ recent remarks about evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. DeSantis defended both figures against attacks from Trump, highlighting the divisive nature of the Republican endorsements for the presidential race.

In response to Trump’s criticism, DeSantis emphasized the importance of respecting endorsements and refraining from attacking individuals who support other candidates.

Trump also targeted another Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, and highlighted his shortcomings as a former New Jersey governor.

Despite the ongoing exchanges, Trump continues to hold a significant lead over his rivals in the Republican presidential race. DeSantis and Christie trail behind in the polls, with DeSantis polling in the teens and Christie polling in single digits.

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